49ers Offseason Moves

The 49ers have some key decisions to make this offseason. Regardless of some setbacks, the Niners have managed to string together another successful season. Tuesday afternoon, on the final press conference of the year, Harbaugh stated that he is going to “fight to keep our players.” This group is clearly a very close knit, tight bunch. As a huge fan of the Niners, I would absolutely love to see all of the players staying. However, the NFL is a business, and many players only get a 5-10 year window to make all the money that they can for their retirement. So often times, people do end up leaving for money. I’m going to run through all of the things the 49ers will be looking to do this offseason.

Key Contracts

Anquan Boldin could very well be the top priority on the desk of Trent Baalke. Boldin was a complete stud this season. He was the backbone of the team, with Crabtree gone for most of the season. There is no doubt in my mind that Anquan Boldin will be suiting up in the red and gold come next year.

Colin Kaepernick. Let’s face it. Colin can play. In only one and a half seasons, he has brought this team to a super bowl, and an NFC championship game. He could very well be the fastest man on the field every game of his career, and I believe he will come out next year as a better pocket passer as well. Colin needs, and will get paid.

Phil Dawson. No questions here. Just resign him, he gets the job done, even in the clutch.

Tarell Brown may be one of the Niners that will be leaving this offseason. He is a veteran cornerback, who puts up solid numbers. He will want to be paid, and he deserves it. It’s a bit of a toss up. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Mario Manningham is an interesting case. The 49ers need to decide whether Manningham is their guy, who will stay healthy throughout the season, or if they want to go out and get another third string wide receiver.

Kassim Osgood is a special teams master. I say resign him, because special teams is always an area of your game you want to keep at a high level. Special teams can often decide the outcome of a game.

Colt McCoy is a pretty reliable backup quarterback. There aren’t many better options, so I say go ahead and resign him.

Pick Ups

Jacoby Jones, James Jones, Darrius Heyward-Bey, and maybe even Doug Baldwin (Probably Not, being a Restricted Free Agent) are all possible replacements for Mario Manningham, if the Niners chose to let him go.

Apart from that, the Niners really do not need much. Perhaps the biggest hole (which isn’t really a hole) in their game is special teams.

The Draft

With 13 picks in their pockets, the 49ers can do a variety of things this upcoming draft. They can trade to move up, they can trade for players, they can do virtually anything. The Niners will likely go for a wide receiver in the first round, such as Mike Evans of Texas A&M or Odell Beckham Jr. of LSU.  One more weapon in the receiver core will allow the Niners to become even more versatile.


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